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If you are from outside of Europe, you do not have to pay the Austrian VAT (=value added tax).

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you also do not have to pay the Austrian VAT!

In all other cases you have to add 20% Austrian VAT to all prices on this website.

Shipment: We ship worldwide for very low rates with DHL, DHL Express, DPD, GLS and Austrian Post.

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Infos and technical details about vinyl, mastering and covers:

1. Production Time: In general we need around 4-6 weeks for a vinyl production + 2 weeks if you need a test-pressing.

CD production is around 2-3 weeks

2. Vinyl playtime: It’s possible to press 25 minutes and even more onto one 12“ LP-side and up to 7 min.

on a 7“-side, but the longer the playtime, the lower the volume and dynamics of the music.

The playtime mainly depends on the music style: Deep/heavy bass and wide stereo-spread need deep

and wide grooves and therefor take many space on the vinyl, what makes the possible playing-time shorter.

For example: quiet Ambient or Folk music don’t need wide and deep grooves, therefor the playing time can be longer than for Jungle or House music.

3. One-Sided LP: Instead of a both-sided 7″ or 10″ we recommend you to do a One-Sided 12“LP.

LPs sound a lot better and due to only one master plate it’s even cheaper.

But of course, 7“ singles are cult and we love to press your 7“ as well.

4. Lacquer / DMM: We do lacquer cutting for small manual vinyl runs and DMM cutting for bigger automatic runs. Please don’t ask what’s better, in our view this question is just a philosophical one.

5. Mastering for Vinyl: Don’t blow up the sound to much with compressors and limiters!

The more you modify the sound, the lesser volume we can do when we cut the master plates.

You also need to stay a little under the 0 db line when you normalize the music.